Mission marketing

How to take money from a stranger
without getting hurt

In business as in life, marketing is everything. Marketing determines which product to sale, at what price, to whom and where. The consequences of what we say to a potential customer, lover, father-in-law, the police or the man standing at the bus stop is directly correlated with how we say it, when we say it and why. This site is an entertaining and gentle introduction to just some of the fundamentals that determine what happens when we attempt anything. We begin with the reality of front-end sales and marketing communications or in other words, the science and dark art of taking money from strangers without getting hurt.

This subject of marketing is immense and there are hundreds of pages that that could and may be added to this site in the future. Such examples range from understanding the concept of cause and consequence, competitor counter and journeying strategies, competitor enforced positioning techniques, pricing, the weaknesses and constraints of modern marketing trends; and even the dynamic and required optimum between the functions and objectives of marketing and accounts in business.

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