“It’s scary but I think we can take ‘em.”

Assumptions you can make about the competition.

They know as much as you do.

They can be as fast or as slow as you.

It’s often the culture that is different. Know this and the people involved and you will have clues to their reactions to your manoeuvres. For some companies it is price that is their instinct; for others it is added benefit – but these things tend to evolve by industry. See positioning and strategy.Product mix positioning can be useful in strategy. The trick is to disable your competition by moving into a position where for them to follow will alienate their existing customer base.

You can also play poker with investment but timing is crucial.

Try to move when your key competition is already committed to a strategy. The main thing to watch out for is stupidity. Competition can be incredibly dim or apathetic; this can catch you out.

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