Head Purchase Categories

“I would like to impulse purchase that fighter jet, please.”

marketing head purchase category

Each individual wears a specific head according to the product category they are embarking to purchase – this is additional to target demographics and target profiling.Compare the distress purchase for tyres to a desired purchase of a computer game or shoes.

The status of the purchase will also influence the head: compare the purchase of a yacht to a chocolate bar. Defining the HPC will improve the positioning and ergonomics of the purchasing journey.

Broad HPC categories

Distress purchase: examples – tyres, ink cartridges, utilities, car parts, plumber.
Functional purchase: examples – household basics.
Desire: examples – new car, holiday, shoes.
Impulse: shoes, trinkets.

Broad HPC status categories

Low: chocolate bar
Mid: shoes
High: house

Me v paid purchases

Another aspect to consider is whether your target is buying for him/herself or being paid to purchase (as in B2B). It might even be a career influencing purchase (outsource tendering for a large business changing contract).

Linking marcom proposition and communication channels with the HPC requires the application of toning.

There is also direct correlation between HPC and Hassle Factor.

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