“Go forth and self-propagate.”

The wonder of Autogenics

marketing autogenics

Developing and executing marketing only to achieve a one-on-one sale is not cost-effective and the law of diminishing returns will mean your marketing budget-to-profit-generated ratio will degenerate. There must be another dimension to your marketing and this must contain the objectives and principles of autogenics.

Marketing Autogenics Defined

Autogenics is a generic term for self-regeneration: much like the process of radioactivity. Average marketing will drop bombs on individual targets. Good marketing also concentrates on designing and executing the nuclear trigger that allows the atoms to do the work for you.


If you take to one side the long queue standing patiently outside an in-vogue nightclub and ask them why each are wanting to enter the premises, most will not say they have responded to a particular maildrop or a radio advertisement. Most could not reply with a definitive answer. Somewhere way back, was a particular promotional piece that hit someone probably several times removed from that individual – a person who in fact unwittingly became part of the autogenic process. The autogenic element in all of this is the critical mass arrived at where the out-there marketing is self-generating and is beyond what you as a nightclub owner is now doing.

One word of caution: the process of autogenics can also work against you.

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