“Pinning down the butterfly.”

subject of marketing

How wonderful is this subject of marketing. Its consequences are vast. It determines who stays in business and who is brazenly successful; it influences attitudes, behaviour and even phobias and it simply refuses to be categorised.

Marketing is a battle of intellect; a battle with the prospect out there, the competition and most often within the company itself.

The perplexing blend of rapid evolution and fundamental principles is what provides its allure and challenges. Marketing refuses to be academic or fit within the logic of software and bemoan anyone who believes this tiger can be tamed for very long with such timid antics.

Discipline, innovation and flexibility will help you ride its back but always be alert and strong and never be benign inside this gigantic moving mass of intellect that is marketing.


This site contains an introduction to a range of fundamental principles and techniques that have evolved and been put through their paces in delivering profitable sales. These were known as the Mission Principles. They were packaged as Mission because the overriding mission (above the sometimes disproportionate attention to road-map KPIs) was: profitable sales.

If you believe innovation and creative thinking should be guided by reality and common sense then you will like Mission. Many have participated in its evolution and their investment in its learning curve provides an opportunity for you to reap the dividends. All you have to do is read this stuff and consider its potential.

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