“Your competition isn’t just other companies!”

marketing reality

The usual practice in marketing is to identify other companies in your marketplace as being the enemy. Strong ‘business competition’ can put you out of business is the common perception.

It is no doubt true; the ‘outfit’ down the road – offering cheaper prices or a product with more wheels can give you a headache. But such businesses are fluffy kittens compared to a more sinister and powerful force out there.

This entity can quietly suffocate your business without you even being aware. It can close you down and you would still have no idea of its crime. You can’t touch, smell or see it, but it’s out there.

Deal with this phantom and your business competition can almost become irrelevant. By using the right approach, you can even tame it and get it on your side. This mischievous imp has a name and you can find it here.

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