This is a word-of-mouth mechanism; but different from the consequential term of ‘buzz’ marketing in that triggering concentrates on the initiation methods or “triggering” processes: useful for strategy development.

Triggering is fundamental to achieving autogenic business development.

There are six elements to triggering

1. Initiation

Vertical or face-on triggering: provoking the trigger target to recommend and therefore participate in the triggering process.

2. Multiplier

Horizontal or client triggering (one removed from initial trigger target) and the consequential ratio of the one-to-many relationship.

3. Accelerator

Speed of recommendation through the one-to-many relationship.

4. Autogenic clusters

Self-perpetuating or developing segments.

5. Ripple

Creating repeat or two-way ripple triggering within autogenic sectors.

6. Decay

Rate of decay from initial inertial to zero.

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